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Track 1 – Workshop 6A

Learning to See: Assessing and Correcting Rotational Patterns

In this workshop we will take a deep dive into recognizing, problem solving and improving rotational patterns in the torso and limbs. You will learn several assessment techniques for identifying rotational patterns and understanding what their root cause might be. We will then use rotator discs, small balls, rollers, and other tools to experience exercise sequences designed to unwind and reset the bodies baseline posture. This workshop will expand your ability to see the body in motion and help you understand how the body works as a coordinated whole to develop and maintain posture and dynamic movement patterns.

Equipment: Foam roller, 8” – 13” inflatable stability ball (Togu, Inflatable ball, Franklin Air Ball or similar). 2 functional footprints or rotator discs, light resistance band
Appropriate for: All instructors

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