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Track 2 – Workshop 2B

Closing the Loop: The Importance of the Hand and Foot for Optimal Performance

In this workshop Misty will take a deep look at the hands and the feet and how to use them in Pilates to create stronger connections to the core, improve grip strength and develop fully integrated and functional strength. The hand and foot are a powerful source of information for the whole body. Working with hand and foot placement in a variety of Reformer exercises can lead to improved muscular balance in the limbs, increased scapular and lumbopelvic stability, and enhanced body awareness and control. Misty will take you through dynamic sequences on the Reformer with cueing designed to enhance your experience of hand and foot placement. You will come away with new moves, new insights and useful information. 

Equipment:  Reformer with sitting box
Appropriate for: Reformer instructors

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