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Track 2 – Workshop 4B

Sing My Song: Applying the Lessons of Kathy Grant

Get creative and go deeper into the work in this workshop that will illuminate the teaching of Kathy Grant through the lens of long-time student Maria Earle.  Kathy Grant studied closely with Joe Pilates in the 1950s and ‘60s. Over the five decades that followed she developed her own sophisticated and highly intuitive approach to his method. She was supremely skillful in guiding movement with the creative use of props, imagery, and sound – finding subtle nuances to enhance alignment and movement education. Now Maria Earle can pass that knowledge on to you. During 13 years of mentorship in New York City, Kathy entrusted her deep understanding and creative approach to the classical Pilates exercises to Maria.   In this workshop there will be cats, sand tunnels, weathervanes, whistles, and hums. You will come away with movement protocols and ideas that provide a unique approach to the Pilates Method through the use of sound, imagery and props. 

Equipment: Small Towel, Pinky Ball or Tennis Ball (2x), 55” Stability Ball, Yoga Strap, 5” playground ball 
Appropriate for: All instructors

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