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Track 2 – Workshop 5B

Reformer Refresh

In this Reformer workshop, we will refresh your usual routine. With the use of some simple images and the occasional inexpensive prop, we will learn how to get more out of our clients and ourselves on this well-used piece of Pilates equipment. We will follow the traditional order of Mr. Pilates with an emphasis on the most performed exercises. Blossom will share some unique Kathy Grant Reformer exercises and choreographic “inserts” as well as her own collection of simple yet effective movements that complement the traditional work. Come join in the fun, get new tools for your teaching toolbox and revitalize your Reformer routine.

Equipment: Reformer with sitting box, foot strap and long spine straps, mini magic circle, Slice, or headrest pillow 
Appropriate for: Reformer instructors

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